Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Things about Pike: Week 18

  • He is getting closer to mobility all the time. He can push up onto his wrists and look around. I think seeing the kids at daycare crawl is actually motivating him to some degree.
  • Pike's grabbing things. Not a lot, but when something is put in front of him, he latches onto it. 
  • He giggles. He smiles. He laughs. He's slightly ticklish. It is AWESOME.
  • Fussing as a means of communication has become more common. He's understanding that when he fusses, he can tell us something is wrong. We're working to show him that other indicators and vocal cues have the same effect, but in the meantime it's interesting seeing what his "I'm fussing because I want __" sounds like.
  • He got his second round of shots last week. He weighed in at 11 lbs 13 oz, and is now around the fifth percentile for length and width and the 25th percentile for head size - on the NORMAL growth curve. No more premie stuff for our little man! The doctor said he can start trying rice cereal come January to see how he likes it, and he doesn't need his breast milk or formula fortified with the 22 calorie stuff anymore. She also said he's on the path to teething with his bottom two front teeth. Yay?
  • One of the biggest changes is that he's now in home care while Wes and I work during the week. I'm happy to say that it's going really well. He's been happy and clean and in good shape every day, and like I said above, I think seeing the other babies and toddlers doing things is making him wonder if he can do them too, which is very cool. 
  • Mostly, he's just absolutely adorable. We're still just feeling plain old lucky that we have a really awesome kid who is doing all kinds of cool things and who is healthy and happy despite having had a bit of a rough start.