Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Day in the Life

Before Pike was born, I was scared. The usual stuff: whether I would be a good mommy, how we were going to afford child care, whether I could maintain my sanity being a full time working mom and Wes a full time working dad.

I can now confidently say that we've got this. Do I mean that we're always perfect and that nothing ever goes wrong? Duh, of course not. I can say that 14 months in, we've found a rhythm that works for all three of us (four if you count Pike's Aunt Kathy, who is with us while she goes to college).

We all get up at 6 (Wes usually before), and Wes gets Pike ready for the day while I get me ready for the day. Since Wes works from home most days, he and Pike and I do breakfast together. Sometimes we just sit, a lot of times we watch The Daily Show. Then at 7 Pike and I head off to drop him off at daycare and Wes heads to work. By 7:30, Pike is settled in and I'm driving to my day job.

Thankfully I really do love my job even though leaving Pike is the hardest thing I do all day, bar none. By 4:30, I'm back on the road to get the baby man. He usually gives me a big ol' grin and reaches for me now, which makes it even better. We head home, and more often than not, Wes already has dinner going for us. It's honestly lucky for us that he's the first home and usually does that - he's definitely the best cook in the house. Most nights we do dinner around the kitchen table, though Friday is movie night and we try to make something that can be eaten on the couches while we catch a flick.

Then it's veg out time - which actually means time to put Pike on the potty for awhile, build towers out of blocks so he can knock them down, crawl after the baby while he crawls after the puppies... you get the idea. It's still one of the most fun times of the day. Right around 7 Pike gets his bath, a story, and then says goodnight to all the fish on his walls before laying down to cuddle his glow seahorse.

Life has gotten fuller and busier since Pike's arrival, not to mention more expensive, but there's nothing I would change. Being Pike's parents is the most important, most interesting thing we've ever done. He gets more interesting and more fun to be with all the time. Believe me, I know parenting isn't for everyone - but I'm glad that it's been good for us.