Thursday, October 17, 2013

The First Cut

I'm actually back dating this post so that it posts the day it happened: the first haircut. Yep, we finally gave in. Pike was having to push his hair out of his eyes constantly, and it was bad enough that even he was asking for a hair cut. We scheduled the cut with Gail from SoHo Salon, the wonderful lady who does my hair.

I think what surprised me most (and Gail a little too) is how well behaved he was. As you can see in the picture on the left on top (we were waiting to go back for the cut), he had rations for the journey in the form of apricots, apples, and goldfish. We come prepared. Don't get me wrong, he was wiggly as all get out, but he was happy for the most part. Until the end when he got bored, he sat like a good little boy and just wriggled his head and ate his food. 

As usual, I'm a very proud mommy. And, of course, I got to go home with the most handsome boy in the place - no matter what length his hair is.