Tuesday, March 25, 2014

State of the Pike Address: March 2014

Since we last spoke, Pike has been busy. The big thing is that he attended All-Con Dallas, which was his first multi-day convention. Despite getting an upset stomach and puking one night (on daddy instead of mommy for the first time ever), he did great and seemed to have a good time. As always, by the end of the con we ALL wanted a nap. 

Note: Obviously I didn't finish this before its scheduled posting time. That's what being a mom does to you. Learn and adjust your expectations accordingly.

  • Pike has developed a fondness for Studio Ghibli movies, My Neighbor Totoro being his current favorite. He also adores Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.
  • Last night Pike pronounced that he wanted a little sister. He has agreed that he would tickle her, hug her, and not tease her. That said? I'm not knocked up. Seriously, I'm not.
  • Pike has a fear of the dark that comes and goes. Probably depending on whether he feels it will get mommy or daddy into his room for a few more minutes. On that note, he has finally learned to use delay tactics to get out of bedtime. He wants another hug or his music turned on or... you fill in the blanks.
  • He's in need of a haircut again. It bugs him when his hair falls in his eyes - just like mommy!
  • In the realm of things that are slightly less awesome, he had his first incident of drawing on the walls. Thankfully it was with sidewalk chalk on the back door, so it came off easily. We redirected to his chalkboard, and so far so good.
  • His favorite part of Wes and I having birthdays in January was, I think, the cake - and more than that, the presentation of said cake with "fire" on it. He gleefully informed us, "That's fire!" as he helped Wes carry the cupcakes out to me on my birthday. Now candles or anything else in that vein are proclaimed, "Fire!" and he will inform us that it is hot very solemnly.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

State of the Pike Address: Christmas 2013

This year was something very special. Although this was Pike's third Christmas, it was actually the first one where he really got it. He understood. He was excited. And it was awesome.

We spent the month starting a new Howard family tradition: the Advent Unicorn. Every day in December, the Advent Unicorn visits and touches his horn to a box on the advent calendar, turning that day into a chocolate and making it one day closer to Christmas. Pike was pretty bummed that he could only get one candy a day, but it was better than none for the most part. 

He also helped me with all the baking. As it turns out, Pike loves to roll out dough. Which means putting his hands on the handle of the roller while mommy rolls out the dough and tries hard not to crush his tiny little hands. Icing cookies was fun. My mom was here, so he got to eat icing and spend time with mommy and gram and daddy all at the same time - which, for a toddler, is apparently bliss. 

The big gift this year was that Pike got a big boy bed. We didn't have a frame on Christmas day, but shortly after, we went to IKEA and got a $40 unfinished wood one and painted it in shades of blue to match his room. He latched on immediately to having a big boy bed and helping to make it - not least since Sophie can jump up into bed with him more easily.

All in all, it was a fantastic Christmas. I can't wait for the next one!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nooblet's Wordless Wednesday

Note: published early because apparently Blogger's Android app won't let you schedule. Sigh.