Friday, August 20, 2010

The Normalcy of Strangeness

Baby Vivian's Hand, originally uploaded by My Little Chickadee.
Last night I dreamt that Wes and I had just brought a gorgeous little baby girl home from the hospital. I kept being surprised to find that we had the things we needed (it was as if I was going from thinking about having a kid to being home with one). As the dream progressed, my memories of the hospital and stuff slowly began to fill in.

The really interesting part was that it was all very natural. It wasn't odd having her there or caring for her. We fit it all in with the things we usually did, we brought her along with us. She slept like an angel, and I was continually surprised by that. I reminded myself over and over during the dream to enjoy it because I didn't expect it to last.

It was interesting to have a dream about a situation so relatively foreign to me that was so restful.