Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Crash

It's been an interesting weekend. Saturday we headed out for breakfast at Denny's. Pike was perky and happy most of the meal, devoured his chocolate milk and had a touch of pancake and bacon to wash it down. All normal. Then we headed for the grocery store. On the way we had a mild puke incident. It wasn't much, and we chalked it up to stomach upset getting into the car so soon after eating. 

Bad move.

In the store, Pike threw up. He threw up once in an aisle (partly on my, though thankfully mostly on my jacket). We rushed to the bathroom (the Thanksgiving shopping was almost done by then) and quickly got washed up. Then, as we stood waiting for Wes to finish checking out, he unloaded again. Like a baby volcano, he puked a little bit on me and on him. Okay, I could deal - I asked the checker for some paper towels, and he got them for me without missing a beat. As he was passing them to me, Pike unloaded a further stream of puke.

We finally managed to get us and the groceries into the car (by this I mean Wes managed everything except Pike since Pike and I were already fused together with his cold, wet vomit). We'd given up on cleanliness at that point and started for home as quickly as possible without getting pulled over. Naturally, Pike puked again on the way home. Oh, hey, there's that bacon. I totally wasn't hoping to see that again. We declined to stop and instead sped toward home.

The evening was, at that point, filled with restless, fussy baby moments and sweet, cuddly, watching Peter Pan baby moments. In the end he fell asleep on Wes' shoulder while we were all on the couch (he literally hasn't done that since he was less than a year old), and got put to bed. When Wes and I were finally going to get some rest ourselves, we hear Pike in his room sounding upset and go in. He's asking for a diaper change - the diarrhea has started.

At that point, we gave up. We got Pike cleaned up and asked him if he wanted to go back to his bed or sleep with us. I should explain here that Pike usually sees our bed as a place to play. Aside from a few naps when I was on maternity leave and he slept on my chest, he has never slept in our bed. We've offered before, but he gets in our bed and wants to play, not sleep. Last night, he sweetly asked for mommy and daddy's bed, and we all piled in.

Granted, for quite awhile he was restless and tossed and turned. Finally, he settled on the H position (where he's the crossbar between mommy and daddy, this time with the head on daddy and the feet on mommy's throat), and got some sleep. Which was disturbed by him waking us to get his diaper changed again. We did that, he wanted to get up and play (and put on make-up, but that's a whole other story). Finally we settled down, and Pike spent most of the rest of the night with his head on mommy, his feet on daddy, and the puppies sandwiched in around all of us. Since he had a fever this was something like sleeping with multiple irons under the covers - alternately a blessing and a curse.

For all the trials and tribulations, having Pike snuggled in next to us was a truly adorable experience. An experience that necessitated a nap for mommy and daddy today to catch up on missed sleep, but still pretty awesome.