Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One Year Plus: Food & Fun

Pike is now a year and a month old. He gets cuter and more awesome all the time. I realized the other day that it's been awhile since I did an official update post, so here it is!

  • Pike is crawling for real. No more army crawling, he's got those arms straight, and he's doing things properly now - if there's a proper way to tear across the floor like a madman.
  • He can't get near the stairs without wanting to climb them. Climbing the stairs is his favorite thing. Seriously.
  • Still no walking, but when he doesn't notice he's doing it, Pike can stand on his own. He's just still terrified of it, so as soon as he notices it's happening, he gets freaked.
  • When he's bored with eating or full, Pike starts handing his food to people. He likes most giving it to the puppies, but we do our best not to let him - so he hands it to us. Sometimes when we hand it back, he'll eat it. Sometimes when Wes pretends to eat it, he will then pretend to eat it. See the video below:
  • He's more interested in sounds than words at the moment, though he's learning context for "mama" and "dada." He's also getting better about saying "bye bye" and waving when people leave - though he notably won't do it for me when I drop him off at daycare.
  • Pike's finally learned to walk using the walker toy he got from Jeremy & Cori's little one Sylvia. And he loves it. I think once he realizes the he can have that same range of motion without mommy and daddy turning the toy and helping him steer, he'll be unstoppable.
  • Though he's by and large an unpicky eater, he is learning to hate some things or just ignore them. While he loves meatballs with marinara sauce, we gave him a hamburger patty the other day and he was having none of that. 
  • We're finding a schedule with potty time so he can get used to it, and he's hitting the target of peeing and pooping in the potty in the mornings and evenings pretty regularly now. I know, gross. But I'm still proud!
  • Pike officially outgrew his baby carseat and is now in a convertible seat. He's still rear facing until he gets a touch bigger, but soon...
  • Pike is obsessed with the Roku remote. I don't know why, but that particular remote is apparently the best thing since sliced bread.
  • We're running into the clothing problem that 12 month stuff fits great except for pants, which he tends to be a little too skinny for. 

So there's the state of the Pike address for September. How are your families doing?