Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's it like?

Since pregnancy's a whole different thing for everybody and I've had some people ask, I figured I'd go over some of what's gone down for me:

  • I didn't really have much morning sickness. I threw up a few times early in the second trimester, but that was it and will hopefully remain it. Yay!
  • No swelling so far. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays pretty mild for me on that.
  • My heartburn has been epic. I have bad heartburn anyway, so without my daily medication and being limited to Tums, it's been killing me. And, no, what I eat doesn't really matter. I can NOT have eaten for hours and randomly start in with the heartburn. I'm special like that.
  • So far my weight gain has been good. My midwife hasn't bitched at me at all (not that she seems like the type - she's very, very nice). I'm only supposed to gain 15lbs, though, since I was slightly over in terms of BMI to begin with, so we'll see how that goes. That said, I'm trying to eat pretty well and succeeding for the most part, so hopefully...
  • My favorite part is feeling the wriggling. It's very cool to be sitting around and suddenly feel Nooblet start to wiggle around and kick and whatever. It's a lot more real in those moments, and I absolutely love them.
  • Being rounder than ever before and feeling comfortable wearing tighter than normal tops and stuff ROCKS. Seriously. If you're pregnant, show that stuff off. It feels amazing. Don't hide your belly! It's pretty! And even if your arms are chubby or whatever, no one's gonna notice because they'll totally be checking out your belly. Win win.
  • I get ridiculously excited every time I get to have a sonogram. I get to SEE Nooblet! Our first 3D sono is next Tuesday, and I can't wait!