Friday, June 24, 2011

How do you cheat?

Coffee table, originally uploaded by *skeemsie*.

Let's not pretend we don't. Ladies, being pregnant is awesome and wonderful and magical and all that crap (y'know, most of the time). But the thing it isn't (and that we aren't) is perfect. So which of the pregnancy rules do you break?

I'll start with my own confessions, and then I'd love to hear yours!
  • I have only baked a couple times since getting pregnant, but I by god ate some of the batter. Yep, that's right - raw egg city. Know what affect it had on the baby? He danced. I think I'm gonna like this kid.
  • Sometimes, when my neck is hurting and my arms are numb and I cannot take it anymore no matter how many pillows I pile around me, I'll sleep on my back for awhile. As someone who usually sleeps on her back ALL the time, the whole side-sleeping waking up in a puddle of drool thing is one of the things I'll be happiest to say good-bye to in a few months. Bring on the back sleeping full time!
So that's how I bend (okay, totally break) the rules. What did or do you do that's a little bit outside the bounds of what the pregnancy books say is kosher?