Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Registry Madness

Tara Guerard Baby Shower, originally uploaded by FrontPorchStudio.

Since some of you have asked about where we are registered, I thought it might help to have a run down of all the locations here. As a general note, the nursery is going to be an undersea/ocean theme. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. There are repeats across the registries because we know it's more convenient for some people to shop in one particular location or another.

And, no, we won't be offended if you can't afford to get Nooblet something. We're very, very happy and grateful to get all the help we can, but we know that a lot of folks aren't swimming in cash anymore than we are.

Target - You can find our listing by searching for my name or Wes' in their Baby Registry section. Not sure of the full spellings or something? Email me.

Babies 'R' Us - I've heard this one can be hard to look up online, so it may be easiest to search for it by the number rather than our names. The registry number is 46878002.

Amazon.com - It can be found by searching for my name definitely and possibly for Wes' name as well in their Baby Registry section.

Etsy.com - They don't go registries, but luckily BabyList does, so I've put up all our Etsy faves there so that you can not only buy the stuff, you can see what's already been purchased! Problem solved. Also adding ThinkGeek goodies here just to keep it centralized.