Tuesday, June 21, 2011

3D Sonogram

Well, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised, but our little man is already willful and obstinate and otherwise contrary. We had our first 3D sonogram today. We'd been advised by a friend (thank you, Regina!) to load up on caffeine and/or sugar first to get the baby wriggling, so I downed a Mountain Dew with my lunch and drove on over.

I met Wes, we went in, excited, ready to see the baby and... Nooblet had his arms and legs in front of his face and remained turned toward my spine the whole time. I walked around, she jiggled my stomach all over, we talked to him and he barely wriggled. Last night, I was literally WATCHING him dance around in my stomach and today? Nap time.

The sonogram tech did her best, but shooting through arm, she was only able to get so much detail. This is our best shot (carefully captioned so you guys can figure out what you're looking at). Hopefully the second one in July will be slightly more productive. If nothing else, it was entertaining, and any little glimpse is still a lot of fun.