Monday, November 14, 2011

Pike at 14 Weeks

  • Pike got to meet his great grandma last week. As you can see, he was in an excellent mood for it. 
  • My baby boy has officially grown out of his newborn clothes. OMG.
  • Pike is grinning (as you can also see) sometimes, and he's on the verge, I think, of figuring out how to laugh. 
  • His head holding up is coming along. We're pretty sure he'll be getting steady with it in another couple weeks. Heaven knows he enjoys bopping his head around and looking at things. We just can't figure out what he's looking at most of the time.
  • Several times in the past week, he's slept from 4-6 hours at the start of the night with a shorter nap following that. Let me tell you, it's bliss.
  • He's making more and more sounds all the time. He's got a few non-verbal vocal sounds that are his favorites. Check out some of the videos of him I've put on YouTube if you want to hear more. Slowly but surely he's learning he doesn't necessarily have to cry to get attention but can "talk" to us instead - though crying is apparently still more fun most of the time.
  • His hair color seems to be shifting a little. It's got a faint auburn touch to it rather than being simply brown. Super cute. I hope my baby is part ginger.
  • He's articulating the connection between his hand and mouth better. He can't suck his thumb well yet, but he's getting his fingers and fist up there more often when he wants to.
  • He's started fighting sleep/naps sometimes because he's becoming more aware of and interested in his environment and people. Which is not fun for us at times, but is still cool.