Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heartburn & Psychadelic Dreams

Heartburn Meds Illustration, originally uploaded by byvik ink.
I think that, for me, hands down the most difficult part of pregnancy so far has been the heartburn. It's an old friend (ha!) of mine since before I got knocked up, but before Nooblet was on board, I just took a daily pill and rarely had to struggle with it. Perfect! And then this little guy took up residence, and since then I've been popping Tums like they're going out of style. At least it counts as a calcium supplement, right?

I wake up at least as often at night to pop Tums or sit up and try to shake off the pain and/or excessive drooling as I do to go to the bathroom. Oh, yes, did I mention the drool? Because basically my stomach acid tries to drown me every night. I guess it's good I sleep on my side, but boy is it ever gross. Really, I'm not a fan of drool. I won't miss it. Why do people sleep on their side every single night if they aren't pregnant? Blech!

And then there's the dreams. Given how often I wake up, I don't get a lot of full, uninterrupted dreams anymore (which is why my dream blog has been left to rot during my pregnancy). Instead I get some pretty weird vignettes. I've had everything from smut to horror and everything in between. If only I had the energy in the half dozen times I'm up at night to want to be bothered with recording them somehow... but I'm not. Sorry. Afraid you'll just have to get knocked up yourself and see how trippy it is. Have fun!

[note: I'm not ACTUALLY condoning other people getting knocked up unless, y'know, they want to. Cuz it's HARD, y'all.]