Friday, July 1, 2011

Belly Fuzz

Pregnant Belly, originally uploaded by Kristal Images.

So far I think one of the funnier parts of pregnancy has been that my husband is weirded out by my belly fuzz. Let's not give the wrong idea - my belly isn't, like, covered with fur or anything. But it's got the same light coating of hair and whatnot that it always has. It's just a lot easier to see when it's all stretched out and sticking out in front of me as it is currently.

My poor husband finds it odd enough that he's mentioned shaving it off. Which, of course, I haven't done. I'm hard pressed to be bothered to shave my legs. My stomach? Hah! So rather than show any particular concern for his concerns, I confess that I find it sorta funny that he minds. Is that wrong? Any of you pregnant chicks out there shave your bellies? I'm not the queen of all grooming when it comes to hair (what? I was raised by a hippie!), so I will not pretend to be the Emily Post of pregnant body hair care and gladly defer to the masses. So, masses, what say you?