Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Sleep Swing

sleeping_pregnant_woman, originally uploaded by Earth Babies.

I've been very, very lucky. I haven't really battled with morning sickness (some light nausea, but no crippling puking, knock on wood). I haven't felt all that bad, haven't had awful cramps... it's really been a pretty mild ride.

The only thing that does plague me is the tired. I'll be up and fine and working and then all of a sudden I'll be all but falling asleep in my chair. And given that I work a good half hour away from home and thus can't just pop home for a quick nap, that sort of means slapping myself out of it and trying to prop my eyelids open so I can do another four hours (or however long) of work before I get to go home and collapse.

Since I'm trying to be a good little pregnant lady and minimize my caffeine intake, my normal solution of just grabbing a Mountain Dew is sort of out of the question. Any suggestions on anything that's worked for any of you pregnant (or formerly pregnant) chicas out there that I might try?