Friday, March 25, 2011

It's not even morning

Nausea, originally uploaded by ember.
So I'm in week 14. I've survived the first trimester, and I should be in the clear for a few months, right? Right?!

Instead since I got a cold a few weeks back, I've started having bursts of "morning" sickness. Usually in the afternoon. I can keep breakfast down, but lunch? Not a chance. Dinner? Hit or miss. There's nothing quite like horribly vomiting while at work and then having to go back to your desk and attempt productivity. Seriously, business need to give pregnant chicks extra time off so we can just get the hell out of the office when this stuff hits.

Now, I WAS given some anti nausea meds by my ob when I went to see her. The genius thing on my part is that today, while my stomach rolls, I have not a one of those little magic pills with me. Naturally. I'm suddenly hoping the kid gets Wes' intellect instead of mine.