Friday, January 4, 2013

Wha' Dat?

Pike's favorite phrases at the moment are what's that?, no!, and uh-oh followed closely by ow. It's kind of neat seeing him so engaged with his environment and so interested in knowing what anything and everything is. He's also becoming more willful. When he doesn't want to do something or doesn't want YOU to do something, he's very firm with his no. He's the same way telling the puppies to get down from his chair when he's eating or from the couch if he wants to sit where they're sitting.

He's also roughhousing more. No game is more fun than spinning around or pretending to push mommy and daddy over, them giggling and climbing on top of them to claim his victory. In the spirit of getting him out and about, Gram got him a fancy new wagon for Christmas. He got quite the haul for the holidays - naturally, so far his favorites are two little tiny things Wes picked up at the dollar store.

Eating has become more of a trial. With the new willful streak has come pickiness. We're making him eat what we eat at meals, he just doesn't always choose to, y'know, eat it. Lunch is easy, though, since he loves peanut butter sandwiches more than most things in the world. Milk, eggos, hot dogs, and fish sticks are also perennial favorites, and he digs dipping things. Here's to expanding baby culinary horizons!