Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Critter Crazy

Yes, those are my boobs. You're welcome. (kidding... sort of) Most importantly, that is our hamster - well, was. Sadly our little Ed passed away quite a few years ago, but isn't she adorable?

See, I know most parents look at the moment their child starts wanting pets as a downside. Me? I'm excited for it. Pike already loves the puppies as much as he can when he mostly just wants to put stuff in his mouth, so I'm hoping his love of critters holds. The thing is, it's a great excuse to get more pets. I think if we didn't take such good care of the fuzzies and scalies and other odd animal babies we take in, we'd end up being hoarders. Thankfully the care means we don't have time to reach that level. Still, a hamster or a fish or a new snake... I wouldn't say no :)

What weird kid things are you looking forward to?