Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pike's First Meal (5 Month Update)

Monday night, Pike had his first solid meal. Okay, well, snack. I think more rice cereal ended up on his face than in his mouth, but it went fairly well. He wasn't disgusted, and by the end, he was swallowing at least some of it.

As of Sunday, Pike is officially five months old. I can hardly believe that. I know all parents say that, but it's just crazy. I guess we got a head start on the "oh my god" portion of aging since he was almost a month old before he ever came home, but it's still nuts how fast the time goes. He's getting bigger and stronger every day.

Slowly Pike's starting to figure out scootching. It's now crawling yet, and he doesn't go far, but he's definitely starting to wiggle himself forward when he really wants to, and he's putting together that he can interact with things on his Jumperoo. Soon I suspect he'll stop just staring at most of the things he finds interesting and wanting to grab them and probably eat them. Yay?