Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things About Pike: Week 7

  • He can lift his head, neck and shoulders up... when he wants to. He's getting stronger all the time. He's also able to keep his head up with minimal support for short periods of time.
  • He is fascinated by staring at lights: the window, the night light, etc. 
  • He's not sleeping well at night at the moment. Apparently he's in a phase of wanting to stay up with mommy and daddy instead - or sleep on top of them. Not restful for us.
  • Some of the jammies that were too big before now fit properly. His little footsies actually go down into the feet as is appropriate.
  • Pike is now 8 pounds 9 ounces - in other words, double his birth weight. While in most things on a chart he's beneath the 5% mark, his head is at 25% in circumference. He has a huge melon and big ol' feet.
  • When we're out of newborn diapers, he'll officially be in size 1. His booty is getting bigger too. 
  • He's starting to be more interested in pacifiers, possibly because he's able to hold onto them better than before instead of them just falling right out of his little mouth.
  • This goes without saying, especially if you can see the pictures here, but he's freaking adorable. Just had to throw that in there.