Friday, February 25, 2011


In June we'll be hitting up A-Kon, an anime convention here in Dallas, but I'll probably be with my sister and her friends more often than with Wes at that. I think I'd really love for us to have a follow up visit to Galveston (we spent a little time there on our honeymoon) to enjoy that city more. Hit the beach, maybe do some fishing or go out on one of the dolphin spotting boats, stuff like that. Obviously we can't afford to blow a huge wad of change or a lot of vacation days, but I don't want to hoard all the money and all our time and regret not spending some of that on each other.

So did any of you go on a "babymoon", some kind of vacation to savor the last of the alone time with your significant other? If so, what did you do?