Saturday, March 9, 2013

Decision Time

Decision Time Collage, originally uploaded by dadadreams.
Well, not really. Except maybe, yes. Inevitably the second child question comes up. It has for us. On the one hand, we both have siblings, and we like having siblings. I loved the tiny baby part, and I'd do it all over again - sleepless nights at all. I even liked being pregnant despite being so damn tired all the time.

On the other hand? If we have one child, our finances take less of a hit. We can pay things off and maybe even be able to do neat things for Pike like trips to Disneyland. If we're saving up for #2, we risk not being able to do what we really want to do for #1. I wouldn't ever want Pike to feel like he got shortchanged because having a second kiddo was too important to us, and since our plan didn't include even one child once upon a time, we didn't plan anything out financially or in any other sense for two.

For now, we're happy with our family as it is. Pike is beyond super amazing. He's pretty much the best kid ever (no offense to all the other kids out there). Is there a chance we'll change our minds? Oh, sure. There's always a chance. But I think for the time being we're happy with where and how we are.

If you've already had your first and people are asking about your second (or you've already had or are having a second), how did you reach your decision for or against?