Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things About Pike: Week 9

Pike is nine weeks old. Crraaaaaaaazzzzyyyy!
  • Obviously, he's learned to flip people off. Just not intentionally yet.
  • We had his weight wrong from the home measurements, but he is double his birth weight. Go Pike!
  • He's sleeping less and being awake and alert more. This is both a blessing and a curse. More time with him and his googly little eyeballs, but less time to get things done. Ah well. Things are overrated anyway.
  • For the first time, he's had some really rough nights. This past week, mommy had two nights where she only got a couple hours of sleep. Thank god it didn't last longer than two nights or I might have gone postal. 
  • Putting him in his sling and having daddy (totally does not work if it's mommy) carry him around is a pretty sure fire way to get him both quiet and asleep.
  • We still haven't decided what to do about Halloween. We want it to be adorable, but we can't justify spending thirty bucks on something he'll wear once. After all, this year is for us, not really for him. We'll figure it out eventually. And it will be precious.
  • Pike's fingernails grow amazingly fast, it seems like. The little daggers must be filed constantly. His toenails are, thankfully, far slower.
  • He's starting to make happy faces more. Not smiles, really - at least not when he's awake - but it seems like he's beginning to discover an ability to make expressions apart from being fussy.
  • His neck muscles are definitely getting stronger since he's holding his head up better. Not all the way there yet, but he's able to bob himself around a bit.
  • He seems to react to being tickled more. He doesn't giggle, but he wriggles and is in general a lot more animated about the whole thing.
  • At his last bath, he finally didn't scream like a banshee the whole time. Either he's getting used to the torture or he's actually starting to like it.